Wilson Briggs

 At 14 Wilson started his career as a kitchen designer, he was often brought to trade exhibitions by his father (Alfred) to act as a camera and to sketch any good ideas they saw during the shows 

After his education he spent some time in an architect’s office as a draughtsman where he refined his design skills.

He came into the company when they almost exclusively made kitchens, with around 80 people employed. The number of competitors in the late 50’s early 60’s could be counted on 1 hand.

Wilson was:


The first person to ever bring in fitted appliances into the country

The first person to fabricate Corian in the country

The first person to buy Salice hinges in UK or Ireland,

The first person to use concealed hinges in a kitchen in the country

Bought the first Alberti C.N.C. machine in the country

The first person to buy hafele fittings outside Germany

Met his wife after she modeled at one of Alwood’s promotional photo shoots, and shortly after that, bet his rugby buddies that he would be the first person to take her out.

Over the decades Wilson has seen massive changes to many aspects of the business:

internally he has led Alwood through a number of challenging times, and has successfully steered the format of the business in a number of directions.

There are 3 ways most people who know Wilson have met him: Rugby, School or Work, and many of the people he knows through the kitchen trade consider him a friend.

Wilson has always been of the opinion that when someone leaves the company, make sure to leave on good terms. This has its advantages as locally many of Alwood’s customers are past employees