Ivan Burrows


Ivan Burrows is amongst the most experienced designers in the industry, with over 30 years in the trade, 26 of which have been working with clients. For the previous 14 years Ivan has been working with Alwood, Ireland’s first kitchen manufacturer, creating some of the most bespoke designs as well as some of the classics.

Ivan won the 2012 KBB kitchen design awards, the first time Ivan has ever entered these awards!


About the design 

The kitchen shown is a current finalist of the KBB design awards clients’. Ivan was able to change the layout that the customers had initially expected so that, rather than the sink being at the window, everyone in the room can now appreciate this wonderful view. The decision to go for a more modern style was suggested to make full use of the zones within the room, and to make its users feel comfortable from a social perspective, i.e. when cooking the client is able to keep any family members out from under foot. The seating at the bridge section allows conversations when the kitchen is in use, and the raised section of the island helps to conceal any clutter from the diners 


Ivan’s taste in kitchens spans the modern – traditional divide, but where he excels is when feeding elements from both ends of the spectrum to create beautifully functional kitchens. To achieve the classic look in a modern manner is a skill that ivan has mastered 

With a greater depth of knowledge of kitchens than most, Ivan has been able to make full use of the manufacturing skills within Alwood to create a truly bespoke design and as he says “the client is key to every design, their trust is the main factor in being able to generate a show stopping environment”