David Marshall


David Marshall started his design career in McDonagh's furniture, once he joined Alwood he immediately made an impact upon their design ethos. 


Often there are two levels to kitchen design:

Initially: there is the design of the units, doors, features and to a lesser extent the accessories. This design phase is usually done by manufacturers.

Secondly: the placement and tailoring of the units and other elements to the layout of the clients room to create a functional kitchen.


The fresh thinking that David brought from outside the kitchen industry was to use the advantage Alwood have as a manufacturer and merge these two design stages. By creating kitchen furniture around clients’ wants and needs he has moved the thought of the kitchen as a place to cook toward an area of the home in which people congregate and ultimately spend much of their personal time.

The example shown demonstrates how kitchen furniture can become a homogenous element within the architecture, allowing anyone using the kitchen to interact with others in any part of the room. The curved island not only contributes to the flow between the different zones but reflects the curved staircase in the corner of the room on an almost 1:1 scale. 

David’s approach has led him to the finals of both the UK’s, KBB kitchen design awards and the KRI awards in Ireland. As well as winning an IKT kitchen design award.