The Bowing trophy was first played for in 1968, set up by Alwood’s founder; Alfred Briggs, as a fanatical bowler, he would often take his holidays within sight of a bowling green.

The competition ran until 1980 when it lapsed and the shield disappeared. It was discovered after almost 30 year, having been looked after much of that time by the late Wolsey Gracey.

His son Alan Briggs has been playing for many years, plays for Lurgan and has been one of the initial instigators behind the revival of the Alwood Shield. With great efforts from George Richardson and Alan Roberts, the three organisers hope the Alwood shield will continue to inspire competition and encourage competitiveness for many years to come.

The Inter-Club Charity Competition is sponsored by Alwood, with the proceeds being made to the very worthy Meningitis now charity