Alfie Briggs is responsible for the marketing and branding of the Alfred Briggs (Alwood) Ltd, a kitchen manufacturing company with over 80 years of history. Within the family firm other duties include the HR roles, much of the IT procurement and management, and many day to day tasks.


  At 17 Alfie studied a BSc Brunel degree at High Wycombe in Furniture Production and management, somewhat relevant to the family business, as the first kitchen manufacturing company throughout Ireland.


                Alfie Briggs - “Alwood is an established brand with a recognised reputation to maintain, the challenge is to be seen for what we truely are – a modern kitchen company with a long history, not as an old fashioned company"


In 2008 Alfie started entering his designers’ plans into the National competitions. The designers are the ones that do the hard work by first designing, selling and following the job and client through the process but Alfie has personally written every entry contributing to the fact that out of 14 design competitions Alwood have ever entered they made it through to the finals in all but one.



­­­­­Notable points Alfie has seen through:

·         Alwood work with Jenny Bristow placing the Alwood master class kitchen in front of thousands of people every year not least with The Duchess of Cornwall in June 2013

·         Alfie has had personal meetings with the bank of England every year for the past 5 years including David Blanchflower, and Kate Barker of the Monetary policy committee.

·         The presentation of local kids Art gallery “Tots Modern” with over 1000 visitors per year for the past 2 years.