As you pull up to Alwood you will notice a couple of things that may be considered unconventional. First is its sheer size, as their site consists of both a showroom and the whole manufacturing plant, this scale of the building is also reflected in the size of the displays in the showroom. Allowing a true feel of what goes into your home.

The showroom functions as examples of their work, representing some of what is possible, Alwood have over 50,000 cabinet door styles available! This doesn’t include door sizes or colours and as they paint and finish their own furniture it effectively makes the choice endless. 

“With so much choice available it gives our designers all the ingredients they could need to come up with truly exclusive and bespoke furniture.”  - Alfie Briggs

With many live appliances (specifically the coffee machine) to experience you are able to get an insight to what you need in your own kitchen.  As well as this the variety of kitchen styles is insightful. There are traditional style kitchens but there are more contemporary displays, Alfie Briggs commented that he is disappointed if someone on their first visit to Alwood doesn’t see something new!